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Sign-ups for the 2022 wellness challenge is live! Sign up here & check our instagram stories for more info. A lot of the challenge will be similar to last year, but with a few tweaks. It will be helpful having access to weights, mat, sturdy bench / box. It’s not just about physical transformation, but consistency, mental grounding and awareness, and putting you and your health first, just for 1-2 hours a day. Winning includes free swag, gift cards, items, & cash prize.

Happy New Year!

We’re happy you’re here.

Below is some information about this year’s challenge, prize, & how to start preparing for Monday!


This year’s challenge will be similar as last year in a few ways, but slightly different in others. There will be three main themes / parts / aspects, whatever you want to call it. We know that everyone is here because they want to better themselves, physically and mentally. We also know that accountability and positive feedback is also helpful for that extra motivation and push we all need sometimes.


You will receive a workout the night before every day in your inbox. This can range from a cardio workout, specific muscle group, or combination. It is recommended that you have a fitness device to track distance or calories or heart rate, pair of dumbbells (light, medium, heavy would be ideal) but we realize that not everyone will have access to tons of equipment or a gym. We do want you to have some sort of weight or bands because we believe that resistance training paired with cardio is essential to overall health. To start preparing for this, we suggest you start now by increasing movement and blood-flow. This means, if you never stretch, start now. If you haven’t moved since last year’s challenge, go talk a walk or run. Go get some dumbbells, bands, kettlebells. Invest in your health! If you’re willing, we highly suggest taking a photo of yourself on Day 1 of the challenge. Back, front, side. No clutter, clean background, minimal clothing. Weigh yourself. Don’t weigh everyday, weigh fluctuates a lot. We’ll weigh at the end. Don’t look at the photo until the end and plan on taking one photo on the last day of the challenge to see your progress.


Since we know that everyone has specific dietary needs, restrictions, and eating schedules, we won’t have a specific plan, but there will be certain suggestions, routines, and challenges we will provide in regards to food and drink. You will be upping your water intake during these next few days. What does that mean in terms of preparation? It means up your water intake starting now. It means that if you drink beer or wine every night, start lowering your consumption. Starting switching your added sugars to more natural sources like agave or coconut sugar. Up your protein consumption. Go shopping for meats, yogurts, colorful veggies, and other whole foods. Read the labels. Add fiber. Stop the soda and add more natural color to your meals. It’s important to build a variety of bacteria in your gut and improve your microbiome leading to a healthier metabolism, clearer skin, and heightened energy that’s less dependent on caffeine.


The way you manage your body is integral to your growth. Your body does everything for you: takes you to work, hugs your loved ones, and gives you the luxury to enjoy everything you’ve worked for. This challenge may test your relationship with positivity, gratitude, self-worth, confidence, and communication with other people. We’re committed to facilitating growth and will include various challenges (or reminders, tips) that we believe will improve your mind through, consistency, motivation, enjoyment, switching our mindsets, and combating brokenness, not eradicating or avoiding it. Start now by identifying areas you’d like to improve on in terms of unhealthy habits, emotional triggers, things that make you happy. Maybe start noting things that you are grateful for. We’ll be doing this a lot. This part of the challenge won’t be publicized on social, but kept anonymous to us only for the sake of making sure it gets done.


• There is a buy-in of $25 with the option to tip whatever you’d like on cash app / venmo. This contributes to the cash prize money, but also helps us do what we do by writing daily workouts, sending daily emails using software, etc.

• Each day will include specific directions on how to complete that day’s request, but overall, the idea is that each of you have the freedom to complete the challenge, we just believe the extra accountability of proving completion works to everyone’s benefit. Below are some of the ways we will be keeping track of everyone’s progress.

• Complete each exercise with proof everyday. A sweaty photo, timelapse, video, screenshot of fitness device, or stopwatch will do. Specifics will be included each day. Post to your instagram story and tag If your account is private you need to DM us to make sure we saw it & liked it or add us to your Close Friends List. We would honestly prefer you to be public only so you can help us get the word out there about Mesa, to inspire your friends, hold yourself accountable, and also so the other challengers can feel like they are in it together with you.

• We won’t know if you cheat, but most likely will be able to tell, so don’t cheat yourself!

• The only people who remain in the running are those who complete each day’s challenge. You are encouraged to continue participating if you missed a day, but you can no longer be considered for prize.

The Prize

• All participants will receive a 10% Off Promo Code to Mesa

• All participants remaining at the end of each challenge will receive $25 towards Mesa items.

• Winner will be chosen from remaining participants based on completion of challenge + judged on progress.

• Mesa Top & Bottom of Choice (You can save this for when we launch our Women’s Bamboo Tank & Sports Bra)

• Custom Color Mesa Wellness Club Hoodie in Tan/Brown (Limited Quantity)

• $20 Gift Card to Coffee Shop or Juice Bar of Choice

• 21-Day Challenge Winner Receives $100 Cash or 25% of Total Buy-In Whichever is higher.

• 50-Day Challenge Winner Receives $200 Cash or 50% of Total Buy In Whichever is higher.